The Inventorium for Schools


Students in years 9 to 11 disengage from the education and training systems every year

The education sector needs to understand students from a motivational point of view.

More than 10,000 students in years 9 to 11 disengage from the education and training systems every year. This leads to challenges in the classroom, behavioural and social issues, and over 20% of students leaving school without completing their formal schooling. Without meeting the minimum schooling requirements, young people’s career prospects and access to government support is severely limited.

The Inventorium activates young people’s ability to make choices and facilitate their own future, by developing their entrepreneurial skills, employability, teamwork, and self-confidence.

How do we collaborate with schools to support the school and the student to successfully complete their high school requirements?

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The Inventorium incorporates

Industry requirements, not subject disciplines.

Online delivery through a smartphone or tablet to reduce the need for constant ‘teacher’ direction.

Flexible curriculum design. Students decide what to study and when to complete learning outcomes in a non-linear way.

Alternative assessment through badges for completion of tasks that directly build a resume for employment.

The Inventorium empowers teachers and school to help students succeed in their learning and future, through personalised, industry-partnered, community based, self-paced curriculum that builds confidence, self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Our initial release curriculum is designed for 15 plus to meet the requirements of High School Leavers Certificates.

We would welcome working with you to bespoke the curriculum to meet your needs and differentiate your school from others.

How The Inventorium works alongside schools to support students:


We have options for teachers to use The Inventorium curriculum within the school day, outside of the school day, or mixed delivery.

Adopt The Inventorium online social media channel for young people to connect and collaborate on learning activities.

Implement certain courage quests as outcome focused classroom activities.

Easy to implement homework options for a variety of students.

A learning solution that is ideal for FLO and non-attending students.

Contact us to organise for a member of our team to come out and visit you and see how we can best partner with you for your students.

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