The Inventorium for Professional Bodies

Ensure the enjoyment, employability, and future success of your members with an engaging, self-guided learning solution to CPD requirements.

Most professional bodies have at least an element of CPD that can be completed in non-specific areas such as leadership skills, and other work skills rather than professional content updates.

The Inventorium comes with a base curriculum to enable this CPD to be completed easily and in an engaging manner, encouraging groups to form across the profession to create an impact through their CPD efforts.

The Inventorium is a new education paradigm that helps students remain engaged and motivated in their learning, resulting in better career prospects and employability within their profession.

We are an online curriculum provider designed by professionals that works collaboratively with you to help your members thrive in their learning and professional development to excel in their work.

Experience driven

Learning is experience driven, instead of content driven. Learners complete curriculum in the order they want to and remain connected and engaged through the application of their learning in their workplace.

Team focused

Team focused to build teamwork skills and a network across the profession for future opportunities and employability.

Recognition of achievements

There are certification and reward options, as well as the ability to record nominations and testimonials of great performance from peers.

Fully collaborative

The Inventorium curriculum and delivery is fully collaborative in that it is not fixed in any way and can be adapted to meet your needs.  We like to work with you to bespoke your instance to meet your members’ specific requirements.

We activate your members’ ability to make choices and facilitate their own future, by developing their entrepreneurial skills, employability, teamwork, and self-confidence through engaging in their CPD requirements.

The Inventorium is a simple, affordable annual licence fee – then you can allow as many members as you wish to use it.

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