About The Inventorium

The Inventorium provides a non-linear, student centered, online education platform fit for the 21st century


The Inventorium’s vision is to change the education system and support 21st century teaching and learning.


We have developed an online learning platform that is truly student centred (teachers get allocated to students not subjects); is non-linear (students choose what they learn, when and how); is lightly gamified (rewards for completion and time on task); and supports process based learning rather than content based learning.

Our initial release includes a curriculum is designed to develop 21st century work skills for people aged 15 plus.


By providing an alternative curriculum and learning experience driven through an App learning platform directly to the smartphone, tablet or computer, we model how you can engage young people in experiences, activities and online learning.

Curriculum can be accessed anytime, and aligns with the 7 job dispositions   to help people identify their strengths and passions through curriculum mapping of skills within dispositions.

Professor Eddie Blass

EdD, MA, PGCE, BA (Hons), LLB (Hons)

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Enya Crockford


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James Sadler


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Joel Turner


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Holley Yu

B Econ, MBA

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