We enable young people to make choices to create their own futures, by developing self-confidence, teamwork, employability, and entrepreneurial skills.

Introducing The Inventorium

The Inventorium is an alternative curriculum provider that works with young people, industry, parents and schools to engage students with learning and focus their career choices.

We offer engaging education content, activities, and certification that support positive life outcomes for young people, benefitting their parents, and future employers.

Mobile App

Designed by education professionals, our curriculum is delivered through a mobile app.


Flexible curriculum design. Students decide what to study and when to complete learning outcomes in a non-linear way.


Students are assessed and rewarded for communication, collaboration and people skills.


Learning is student-centred and activity driven. Young people are empowered to choose what content they would like to learn next.

User Cases


Are you bored at school, lacking choices, and feel like you don’t know what options you have for a career?

Explore our learning platforms, playing games and connecting with others in online chats, to prepare for the careers that may suit you best.

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Ensure the enjoyment, employability, and future success of your child with an engaging, self-guided learning solution.

The Inventorium caters to a range of learning needs, to ensure students complete Year 12 requirements for Tertiary admission, government support, and employment.

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The Inventorium offers a collaborative model that sits alongside existing curriculum, for delivery in the classroom or as homework, including a closed social media network for group-work.

It also offers learning materials and activities for teachers to facilitate, and a supportive approach to alternative learning objectives, suitable for FLO students and non-attenders.

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What Our Students Say

“It made learning very easy and simple which is something that you can't always get in schools.”

EmmaYear 11 Student

“I really enjoyed the course overall”

Sarah16 year old student
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